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The Arizona State Association of 4-WD Clubs gives you, as individuals and as clubs, a voice in protecting access to Arizona public lands for the enjoyment of offroading and all other beneficial uses. Click one of the following links to join us!

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The Arizona State Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, (ASA4WDC) is heavily involved in keeping land closures and trail closures to a minimum. The ASA4WDC works closely with the six National Forests in Arizona and the seven Bureau of Land Management field offices, the State Land Department and the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Each district has been helpful in contacting the organization when trails are about to be closed, permitting the clubs to adopt some of them. Road adoption requires us to maintain them by checking each trail/road at least once a year, performing maintenance when necessary.

The ASA4WDC members and member clubs donate thousands of hours of volunteer service yearly for our state and national resource and management agencies. We do a great deal of conservation work, such as trash clean-ups and road restoration.

The Arizona State Association of 4-Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc. is an association of rough-terrain vehicle clubs with the following goals:

  • to promote the responsible and ethical use of motorized recreation on our public lands
  • to prevent legislation which would impose undue restriction on recreational 4-wheeling,
  • to institute programs of Conservation, Education and Safety
  • and to provide statewide social and recreational activities for the enjoyment of its members.
  • To encourage state and federal land management agencies to develop areas and trails for motorized recreation.
  • To disseminate information of interest to vehicle oriented organizations.

The ASA4WDC also belongs to the following organizations: United Four Wheel Drive Associations, BlueRibbon Coalition, Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Coalition, ORBA, Tread Lightly! and others.


The ASA4WDC has gained the recognition and respect of local, state and federal agencies. Through joint support with other outdoor recreational organizations the ASA4WDC has helped to keep our membership informed of the latest legislation that could affect motorized recreation.

Lands, roads, routes and trails have been kept open for the use of motorized recreation. Various rules and decisions have been made regarding the administration of these areas. A statewide alert system has been implemented to keep the membership informed of any impending changes in and land use activities that could affect our sport.


In unity there is strength. The ASA4WDC, Inc. is dedicated to upholding the rights of citizens in the continued use of our public lands. Public lands are for Public Use, but there is a need for responsible action and proper guidance in the use of our lands.

The ASA4WDC, Inc. provides help in maintaining the principle of freedom, and with your support of these principles you will add your voice to the millions of other enthusiast who are striving for the same goals.